Our History

In the heart of Sialkot, Pakistan, in the early 20th century, a remarkable story unfolded that would shape the future of cricket ball manufacturing. At the helm of this tale was none other than Mr. Conley, the Deputy Commissioner of the time, known for his deep love for the game of cricket. So profound was his passion that a stadium in Sialkot bore his name – Conley Park.

In those days, the British Empire had an insatiable appetite for cricket balls, but acquiring them proved to be a daunting challenge. It was amidst this backdrop that destiny intervened during a spirited game of cricket. A ball, caught up in the fervor of the match, split open. Seeing an opportunity, Mr. Conley wasted no time. He sent the damaged ball to a skilled craftsman, who possessed a magical touch with a needle and thread. The craftsman worked his magic, stitching the ball back together and creating an ingenious replica. It was a historic moment – the birth of the very first cricket ball made in Pakistan. This humble beginning marked the inception of what would become a rich legacy.

The visionary Mr. Khawaja saw the potential and seized the opportunity. He expanded the manufacturing operation, forming a team of three dedicated individuals. Over the span of 120 years, this modest team grew into a formidable force. Today, around 100 skilled employees are at the heart of the operation, collectively crafting 800-900 cricket balls every single day.

Fast forward to the present, and this unit stands as the largest cricket ball manufacturer in Sialkot, Pakistan, with a reach that extends to cricket-playing nations around the world. Modern technology is now the cornerstone of production, with every cricket ball meticulously scrutinized to meet the stringent criteria set by British Standards. Weight, circumference, and the all-important bounce are meticulously checked, ensuring that each ball attains a level of perfection before it embarks on its journey to cricket grounds worldwide.

This remarkable journey of dedication and innovation did not go unnoticed. Lords International, a name synonymous with cricket excellence, recognized the quality of our cricket balls. Two of our creations, the Imperial Test & County Crown for Test & County cricket, and the Regal County Crown for Premier League cricket, proudly received Kitemarks from the British Standards. But that was just the beginning. Our range expanded to include nine other cricket balls, tailored to suit various playing conditions, sizes, and even colors, depending on the unique demands of the game.

As our story unfolds further, it takes us beyond borders. Our office in Caerphilly, Wales, boasts a substantial stock of cricket balls, as we proudly supply 35 to 40 cricket leagues in the UK, amounting to a staggering 40,000 cricket balls per season. In the 2023 season, our proudest moment arrived as we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients.

With just one minor instance of feedback, our commitment to quality and dedication to the sport of cricket were reaffirmed. This is not just a story of cricket ball manufacturing; it's a story of passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to a sport that unites nations. As we continue to grow and evolve, our journey remains one of unwavering pursuit towards cricketing excellence, with the spirit of Mr. Conley and the vision of Mr. Khawaja guides us every step of the way.