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Lords Cricket Balls

Test & County

Test & County

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Elevate Your Game in Senior League Cricket:

  • Where Experience Meets Excellence: Tailor-made for Senior League Cricket, this ball embodies the perfect blend of experience and excellence.
  • Crafted to Perfection: Hand-stitched with the finest chrome-tanned leather in a 4-piece design, it's a testament to cricket ball craftsmanship.
  • The Heart of Tradition: With a traditional center featuring 5 layers of Worsted Wool and 5 layers of Cork, this ball keeps the spirit of the game alive while delivering top-notch performance.
  • A Finish Like No Other: Completed with a superior anti-scuff varnish, it's built to last and maintain its pristine look throughout the game.
  • Red, the Color of Passion: Available exclusively in the color Red, symbolizing the passion and dedication that defines Senior League Cricket. Elevate your game with timeless style and unmatched quality
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